My feels

19. května 2008 v 22:01 | Sabeth |  Stories from my life
Hiding my depression behind a mask of happiness,
trying to be like everyone else by not showing my true nature.
Depression is who I am nothing can change that,
I'm not happy, I'm sad on the inside but people cannot see it.

I'm hiding my depression from a truly judgemental world,
They wouldn't understand my feelings at all.
This depression grows stronger with each angery moment,
Consuming my soul and making me hide more of myself.

I'm hiding my depression from all my family and freinds,
They wouldn't be able to fathom what they can't understand.
They see a cheery person when they look at my smile,
But stare into my cold eyes and you can tell I'm dead inside.

I'm hiding my depression from a truly happy world,
There is no one else like me, I'm all alone.
They wouldn't understand what I'm going through,
They'd push their happiness on me, and make my saddness worse.

I'm hiding my depression from this evil world.
I will never show my true side, or maybe I will.
Maybe someday I'll show how I was really bred,
with a 12 gauge with hollow tip shells to my head...

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