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Scene girls

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Scene kid- typy a varovanie

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Nechce sa mi to cele prekladat a predpokladam ze na moj blog chodia len vzdelani ludia, ktori su tento jednoduchy text prelozit;)..ak niecomu nebudete rozumiet, rada vam to v kommentaroch prelozim:))
  • Never, under any circumstances, admit you are scene. That would make you a poseur, and no one wants to be seen with a poseur.
  • It's a lot easier to be accepted by a scene crew if you gradually ease into the lifestyle.
  • When listening to music act like you've known that band since forever. Even if you haven't, scene kids tend to do that.
  • Make sure you know everyone that goes to the local venue,and when addressing them call them by there myspace name.
  • If you have nothing interesting to say or do make up a rumor. This is a common thing to do for all scene kids. Talk shit about one of you exboyfriends girlfriends or someone who hasn't teased their hair. This will give you ample scene points. And if that person confronts you about the rumor say you have nothing to do with it and call them out to look like the bad person.
  • Try to tell people that you are vain or brootal. You want to be known for being rough and tough.
  • When typing you number letter spelling 4S D3M0NSTR473D H3R3.
  • Whining and complaining will quickly get you labeled as a poseur or worse, emo.
  • Becoming scene overnight will make you seem fake. Make sure you know all about being scene before you make any drastic changes to your appearance or personality.

Ako sa stat scene kid

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  1. Nechce sa mi to cele prekladat a predpokladam ze na moj blog chodia len vzdelani ludia, ktori su tento jednoduchy text prelozit;)..ak niecomu nebudete rozumiet, rada vam to v kommentaroch prelozim:))
  2. Go to shows. After all, that's where the scene is, and that's why they're called scene kids. Live for shows. Keep up with the up and coming bands by doing your research! Be friends with all the local bands, and brag about it. It's very, very important to know your music history (i.e. Norma Jean)! If you're not able to carry on a deep conversation about lyrics, style, and/or band mates, you will be rejected. When not at a show, listen to your music all the time.
  3. Get the attitude. Think that you are absolutely, without a doubt, the most gorgeous person on the face of the planet. This is something you will have to work extra hard on if you have low self-confidence. Practice this around other friends; compliment yourself often. When you do encounter your first scene friend, be sure to appear overly confident in everything you do. Compliment others sparingly, but thoughtfully. Remember, people care about people who care about themselves.
  4. Become active on MySpace. Post a plethora of pictures of yourself and shows you've been to. Add as many friends as you can, including random scene kids, and check out what they are listening to. Download every song ever by that band and research the band's bio. Other sites like Purevolume and LiveJournal have an abundance of hardcore kids as well.
  5. Get scene hair. You can also have different colors in your hair, but it's not a must. The weirder it is, the more scene. Think 80's metal hair trimmed up with all the sophistication of today. It doesn't matter if you're a boy and your hair is longer; it doesn't matter if you're a girl with shorter hair; what matters is your ability to pull it off with confidence. Also, you can't go wrong with getting it stacked or layered. The idea is to look androgynous with your hair. Spike it up in the back and straighten the sides. You can also straighten the bottom and mess up the top layers of your hair. Or you can grow out your bangs and have them over your eyes.
  6. Wear eyeliner, whether you're male or female (NOT emo eyepaint). If you know how to apply eyeliner, do it yourself, but if you are a novice girl or guy, let someone that knows how to apply makeup do it for you. Males have a tendency to put a "little" too much makeup on their faces, while girls can wear as much or as little as they please.
  7. Wear tight, skinny, pencil jeans or straight leg jeans (NOT flares, bootcuts, or baggy jeans). While the tighter the better, find a decent fit for you because no one will talk to you if you look like a fashion victim. Girls are recommended to have tight form fitting jeans in a vintage or dark wash. Girls can also wear jean skirts or black stretch skirts, as long as a decent pair of leggings are worn beneath (remember, you can never go wrong with a pair of solid black leggings). Guys should find a decent fitting pair of girl jeans or somewhat of a fitted straight leg jeans as well. The tighter the better, but remember that the rest of us do not want to be able to see the vein in your thigh through your jeans! And don't forget the belt (preferably black pyramid belts; white for females), usually worn with the buckle to the side.
  8. Stock up on band shirts or graphic t-shirts. Band shirts are uni-sex. If you've done your music research, load up on classic band t-shirts (i.e. The Ramones). Get the tightest fitting t-shirt, within reason. Look for shirts that have the vintage feel. If you can actually find a vintage shirt, more scene points. Anything with dinosaurs on it is automatically accepted. Shirts with foil prints on them are also in, as are shirts with any of the following on them: gun, butterfly, bird, skull, lightning bolt, Hello Kitty, etc.
  9. Get classic shoes. Shoes can make you or break you. This is part of the standard uniform. Start with Vans Classics, then branch out to any style of Vans you want (old school Adidas, Nikes, or Converse too). Beat up your shoes--the more beat up and dirtier they are the better. For girls, ballet flats and other formal low heeled shoes, also boots of any kind are accepted.
  10. Accessorize. If you're a girl, invest in necklaces that have guns, hearts, keys, butterflies, skulls, etc. Big wooden necklaces are a good alternative. Do not wear gloves or arm bands of any type. The only ones that are acceptable are the fingerless wrist warmers with either the skull on the back or lace trim. Oversized sunglasses with thick black or white frames are acceptable, and cat-eye frames are another good choice. Hats can be worn with caution, though you're better off without, as it is important to show off one's glory, the hair. Girls should wear plenty of bright-colored hair barrettes, clips, ribbons, and bows. If you're a guy, keep your keys dangling on the side with a carabiner attached to a belt loop. Every scene kid should own at least one bandana (Often black, red and white, and some neon colored ones). Either fold it into a flag to hang out of your back pocket, in a band around the head, or down around your neck. Guys can wear hats if they don't do much hair styling.
  11. Take up the scene writing style. Add extra letters to many of your words. For example: "rawwr" "kiiid" "baaby" Spelling your name in odd ways is popular as well. So is giving yourself a second name in addition to your first. For example: "Debby Nasty," "Ashley Vogue," "Joseph Rotten," "Michael Couture," etc. Also, write very short sentences, and add period at the end of almost anything. Tell people to "not comment" your myspace pictures. Underline, bold, strikeout, and italicize random words in your writing. Use old slang like "rad" or "stellar" and occasional use of "bro."

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Akozee fasa..tato holka mi kopiruje texty co som ja napisala!!!
Citajte hlavne tie jej uvahy o emo...mojeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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