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How to dress emo

30. března 2007 v 20:37
Nece sa mi to prekladat..mozno ked budem mat viac casu tak nieco prelozim...aspon uvidite ake mate zle znalosti anglictiny :P
The indie emo look - (best for girls and guys 16-20)
  • Dyed-black short hair with bangs short and cut straight across the forehead. Spikey in the back, slightly greasy. Really light blonde hair on girls often works too.
  • Piercings. The more the better.
  • Jewelry. The more the better. Beads, etc.
  • Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eye glasses (this works for all three types).
  • Tight, fadded shirts with random slogans. It should look like it could have been bought at a thrift store but you didn't (but you really did). It takes a while to master that one.
  • Dark denim jean jackets.
  • Messenger bag covered in patches and pins (that you actually bought at shows).
  • Tight pants, sometimes cuffed once or twice but never more!
  • Black or blue converse shoes.

The nerdy emo look - (best for girls under 17 and guys over 21)
  • Short hair. Style it messy, but not spikey.
  • Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eye glasses (this works for all three types).
  • Thin, tight, solid dark color v-neck sweaters. I call them Grandpa sweaters.
  • Band shirts.
  • Messenger bag covered in patches and pins (that you bought at Hot Topic but you tell everyone you got them at shows).
  • Dickies work pants. Blue, black or grey only!
  • Argyle socks.
  • Black converse shoes.

The dressy emo look - (best for girls and guys over 20)
  • Black or brown hair. Flipped out on girls, mop top on guys.
  • Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eye glasses (this works for all three types).
  • A silver necklace with a star charm.
  • Scarves.
  • A black or navy blue pea coat.
  • Black messenger bag. No patches, 1 or 2 pins at the most (and only at the bottom of the strap).
  • Heavy dress slacks.
  • Doc Martens or clunky black shoes.

    If you still are a bit clueless, take a look at these. Or this. Another thing you need to be emo can be found here.

    Also, to be emo you have to be really skinny. Why do you think so many of them are vegans. If you are not skinny, you have to lose weight before you can officially be emo. How many emo girls do you see walking around with a big tank ass? That's what I thought.

    [How to act emo] Now that you know how to dress the part, you must know how to act the part. This is, in my opinion, the most important step of all! Follow my directions closly, because we all know nothing is worse than a poseur and nothing is better than getting scene points!

    Before you worry about how you are going to change how you act in "real life", you must change your "internet life" first. Erase your PunkPrincess182 screen name and change it to something a bit sadder. Such as xsadxstarx. If you need help, a handy emo screen name generator can be found here.

    With your emo screen name in place, you must type emo. Example:

    this.is.an.example.of.typing.emo..this.kind.is.mostly.used.on.websites. &we cant forget about this kind. &thiskindwhichisannoyingasfucktoread. tYpInG LiKe ThIs iS nOt TyPiNg eMo. That's just typing retarded.

    Then, put your new typing skills to use by having conversations with other random emo people you've met online. Where do I meet them online you ask? At make out club! But now moc clones are popping up all over the place. We also recommend: lipstick and cigarettes, lipstick party, mad rad hair, not popular and there are probably more we are leaving out. Let us know of any new ones. Anyway, at those sites you will find hundreds of guys and girls showing off their photography skills and name dropping talent. Another good place for meeting other emo people is at different emo bands message boards. Watch out for the poseurs though!

    On the message boards, make a name for yourself. Become a "regular". Be sure to tell all the people that list the bands they like that they are not emo enough and that they should go away until they get some real taste in music! If they ask what you like, refuse to tell them. Give them a reason like "you are not worthy enough to step into my music world". Or anything similar.

    Now lets change how you act in real life. First, you must go to as many shows as you can! I can not stress that enough. Whether you like the band or not. If you like the band, then you can enjoy it and get scene points! If you don't like the band, you can stand there bitching about how much the band sucks. Then people will come up to you and ask why. You can then talk about how the bands you listen to have so much more talent. Then you get to name drop! Now the fun begins because you can make up band names. However, they should still be very emo so you sound like you know what you are talking about, even though you don't. Go here for some ideas.

    [Emo tips] Now that you are emo, I have a few more tips for you:
  • Talk constantly to your non-emo friends about being emo. Each time they ask you what it is, say something different. Make it sound all mysterious and secretive.
  • Try and share your emo music with as many people as you can. Get really angry when they don't like it. Get really mad when they do like it and try to share it with other people.
  • Like meat? Well stop. Being a vegitarian or a vegan is one of the most important requirements of being emo. Find out more here.
  • When eating M&M's, only eat the red ones.
  • Start a livejournal, deadjournal or a diaryland diary. Write in it about all the shows you have gone to and how they have changed your life. Lie if necessary. Be sure and put the song you were listening to at the end of each entry and occasionally post some poems.
  • Remember: the fad of anti-fad.
  • Buy a digital camera and take lots of pictures of yourself. Turn your head as you take them so only your ear or eye or part of your hair shows. Then open them up in photo shop and blur them even more. It makes them look artistic. Taking photos of random objects in black and white also looks artistic. Once you've done that, you can consider yourself an art student.
  • Expect hardcore and straight edge kids to make fun of you. Tell them "your scene is dead!" and run away like the little wuss you are.
  • Join a band or make a new one. You'll suck, but at least you can tell people about it and it might help you get that cute emo girl's e-mail address. Go here for the emo band name rule book. Or if you're really lazy you can use the The Emo Band Name Generator. Another one is here.
  • Find out exactly how emo you are. Or find out your emo mood.

    Congratulations! Now that you've read everything, you can also pretend to be the authority on what is and isn't emo! But remember, you won't become emo overnight. It takes some work. Learn more here, here, here, and here. Learn more about the music here. And play the emo game here.

EMO song

30. března 2007 v 19:35 | sabeth |  EMO
Dear Diary:

Mood: Apathetic.

My life is spiralling downward.
I couldn't get enough money to go to the
Blood Red Romance and Suffocate me dry concert.
It sucks 'cause they play some of my favorite songs
like "Stab My Heart Because I Love You" and
"Rip Apart My Soul" and of course,
"Stabby Rip Stab Stab".
And it doesn't help that I couldn't
get my hair to do that flippy thing.
Like that guy from that band can do.
Some days, you know...

I'm an emo kid, non-conforming as can be
You'd be non-conforming too if you looked just like me
I have paint on my nails and make-up on my face
I'm almost emo enough to start shaving my legs
'Cause I feel real deep when I'm dressing in drag
I call it freedom of expression,
most just call me a fag
'Cause our dudes look like chicks,
and our chicks look like dykes
'Cause emo is one step below transvestite!

Stop my breathing and slit my throat
I must be emo
I don't jump around when I go to shows
I must be emo

I'm dark, and sensitive with low self-esteem
The way I dress makes every day feel like Halloween
I have no real problems but I like to make believe
I stole my sister's mascara now, I'm grounded for a week.
Sulking and writing poetry are my hobbies
I can't get through a Hawthorne Heights album without sobbing
Girls keep breaking up with me,
it's never any fun.
They say they already have a pussy,
they don't need another one

Stop my breathing and slit my throat
I must be emo
I don't jump around when I go to shows
I must be emo
Dye in my hair and polish on my toes
I must be emo
I play guitar and write suicide notes
I must be emo

My life is just a black abyss,
you know, it's so dark.
And it's suffocating me.
Grabbing ahold of me and tightening its grip,
tighter than a pair of
my little sister's jeans...
which look great on me by the way.

When I get depressed I cut my wrists in every direction
Hearing songs about getting dumped give me an erection
I write in a live journal and wear thick rimmed glasses
I told my friends I bleed black and cry during classes
I'm just a bad, cheap imitation of goth,
You can read me "Catcher in the Rye", and watch me jack off.
I wear skin tight clothes while hating my life
If I said I like girls, I'd only be half right!

I look like I'm dead and dress like a homo
I must be emo
Screw XBox, I play old school Nintendo
I must be emo
I like to whine and hate my parentals
I must be emo
Me and my friends all look like clones
I must be E-Mo

My parents just don't get me, you know.
They think I'm gay just because they saw me kiss a guy.
Well, a couple guys. But I mean, it's the 2000s.
Can't 2 ... or 4 dudes make-out with
each other without being gay?
I mean, chicks dig that kind of thing anyways.
I don't know diary,
sometimes I think you're the only one that gets me,
you're my best friend...

I feel like tacos.

EMO Posers

30. března 2007 v 17:20 | xXxSabethxXx |  EMO
  1. Su zdeprimovany 24 hodin, 7 dni v tyzdni, vzdy ked nieco nie je v poriadku s ich zivotom.
  2. Pravidelne si podrezavaju zily. Potom to ukazuju kazdemu.
  3. Vzdy si potrpia na kompletny emo vyzor: cierne vlasy s ofinou cez oko, velmi uzke jeansy a tricko s napisom emo kapely(napr. Hawthorne Heights), mnoztvo naramkov a samozrejme hrube cierne ocne linky.
  4. Ich playlist VZDY obsahuje skupiny: : My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, AFI...
  5. Davaju emo pesnicky a texty na myspace/ xanga/ livejournal/ vampirefreaks.
  6. Na tieto stranky si minimalne raz za tyzden pridavaju/menia fotky ( Fotky su vzdy fotene zhora, vacsinou vidno len ich tmave vlasy, resp. jedno oko)
  7. Rozpravaju sa jedine s ludmi, ktori vyzeraju ako oni.
  8. Trpia anorexiou alebo inou mentalnou poruchou, zvycajne za to moze ich vyzor (vsetci emo posers si myslia, ze su skaredi)
  9. Neustale rozpravaju o ich tazkom zivote


22. března 2007 v 20:42
Azuzephre su dve male, zlate, kreslene postavicky, ktore sa volaju Pon a Zi. Neviem ako podla vas, ale podla mna su dost emotivne:D


15. března 2007 v 17:23 | xXx_Sabeth_xXx |  EMO


10. března 2007 v 18:49 | xXx_Sabeth_xXx |  Music
  • emo + hardcore, resp. black metal alebo heavy metal.
  • nepredstavuju skupiny ako The Used, Thursday, From First To Last
  • je viac ako hudba=>zivotny styl
  • zaner hudby, v ktorej je zmiesany krik a spev
  • tvrda, emocionalna verzia hardcore punk alebo post hardcore
  • screamo is loud, sharp and awesome
  • Very hard, raw, and emotional version of hardcore punk or post hardcore
  • These musicians actually have passion for their profession and usually speak the truth. True poets of today.
  • pravdepodobne ,,vymrelo" v 90-tych rokoch
  • najznamejsie kapely: City of Caterpillar, Envy, Orchid, Saetia, pg. 99
  • joshua fit for battle, funeral diner, superstitions of the sky, hot cross, now, makara, neil perry, you and i, get fucked, shikari, Angel Hair, After School Knife Fight
  • SCREAMOCORE= Hardcore & Screamo
  • Escaping Memory, Underoath, Silverstein, Evergreen Terrace, & Chiodos
Screamo is loud and beatiful.
Hip-Hop is dumb and gay.
Country is weak and retarded.
Rock is good.
Rap just sucks.

A conversation between 2 emo kids

9. března 2007 v 22:23 | xXx_Sabeth_xXx |  EMO
emo kid: i had a great time last night
*real* emo kid: you had fun? you must not be emo then...
emo kid: oh... i mean i cried for hours and cut myself
*real* emo kid: *a sigh of relief because he/she doesn't have to admit he/she had fun too* yeah.. me too...

Rozdiel medzi goth a emo

9. března 2007 v 22:19 | xXx_Sabeth_xXx |  Music
Emos Hate themselves
Goths hate Everyone
Emos Want to Kill themselves
Goths Want to kill Everyone

Prestaňte týrať zvieratá!

1. března 2007 v 21:16 | Sabeth |  !!!!Citajte!!!!
Dnes nie je ničím neobyčajným vidieť sokola s prestreleným krídlom, psov bitých, týraných, opustených, či dokonca konzumovaných, mačku s vypichnutým okom, vyhodené gravidné feny, šťenatá v kontajneri, igelitovom vreci, či vodovodnej šachte, zvieratá silne podvýživené, zaparazitované, bezdôvodne zastrelené...
Príbeh, ktorý sa bežne stáva

Bezdomovci, u ktorých zviera bolo, tvrdili, že ho vzali nejakému chlapovi, ktorý ho dlhé mesiace držal na ... ostnatom drôte !!! Krk na prvý pohľad nevyzeral až tak zle. Bol obalený blatom.

Keď sa toto dávalo dole, pod ním sa "rozďavovala" (prepáčte, adekvátnejší výraz nepoznám) hnusná hlboká rozstrapkaná brázda po obvode celého krku. Najhoršie to bolo na spodnej strane. Tam ste mohli vidieť, ako vyzerá hrtan... Na ňom sa zastavilo lyko, ktoré bolo psovi natesno nasadené niekedy, keď bol šteňaťom. Teraz má rok! Pes rástol, lyko sa vrezávalo...
Ten, kto to psovi urobil sa vlastne druhýkrát narodil. Tým, že nebol v ambulancii, keď psa veterinárni lekári došili. Myslím, že by bol v tom momente nimi prihlušený.
Pikoška na záver:
V tom čase v ambulancii sedeli dvaja Rómovia. Boli prekvapení z toho, že videli takto zošitého psa. Lekár na to povedal: "No čo? Hlavu priviezli pred dvoma hodinami, telo teraz. Zošili sme to. Ako vidíte - zdarne. Hýbe očami."
PS: Nebojte sa. Po prvom šoku im bolo všetko vysvetlené...
PS2: Foto je 3 dni po operácii. Keďže psík - kríženec veľkého bradáča a staforda - je strašne temperamentný a hyperaktívny, stehy pod krkom nevydržali. Dobrá správa je, že hojí sa to super i napriek tomu problému.
Asi nikdy nepochopím ako ľudia dokážu týrať nevinné a bezbranné zvieratá. Možno som krutá, ale keby som mohla, trestom by nebola nejaka sprostá pokuta, ale najradsej by som im presne to isté spravila, čo oni urobili zvieraťu. Jednoducho pre takýchto ľudí nemám pochopenie. Dnes som v správach videla reportáž ako mladí chlapci najprv poliali mačku benzínom a potom ju podpálili. Keď sa reportér spýtal jedného z nich, prečo to urobil, povedal že zo srandy. No neviem ale podľa mňa sranda je úplne niečo iné. Chlapec má 13 rokov a už zabil mačku. Čo bude až bude mať 20? Zabije človeka?
Áno, aj toto je košická realita
obr02 Nádor Obesená
Začiatkom januára 2004 zavolal v noci mladý nervózny dievčenský hlas. Na konci Račieho potoka v Košiciach (za amfiteátrom) je obesený malý pes. Išli sme tam. Nevedeli sme to miesto nájsť napriek tomu, že to bolo takmer hneď za posledným rodinným domom. Hľadali sme všade. Nenapadlo nás pozrieť sa priamo k chodníku, ktorý každý deň využívali deťúrence na sánkovačku...

Sučka nemala krátku smrť. Zdupaný sneh, zadné nohy tesne dotýkajúce sa zeme, modrastý vyplazený jazyk, množstvo slín, ...dlho bojovala o život, kým sa strašným spôsobom udusila. Aby snáď neunikla, zapichli do nej ostrý hák na konci lanka, ktorý ju dusil ...

Neviem, čo vírilo hlavou človeku, ktorý toto urobil. Sadol si vedľa a sledoval ako dlho sa bude metať? Ťažko povedať, odtlačok v snehu by to snáď dosvedčil. Alebo si predstavoval deti, čo urobia, keď ju ráno uvidia? Jedno je isté. Je šialené uvedomiť si, že takýto človek vyviazne bez postihu. Hneď sme podali trestné oznámenie na neznámeho páchateľa. Dostali sme echo, že toto v danej oblasti nebol prvý prípad.

Kto tento záber vidí a vedel by informáciou pomôcť, nech pomôže. Kto vie, možno tým zachráni život nie len ďalšiemu psovi ale i človeku. (Poznámka: Pozrite si, čo dokážu urobiť ľudia v strede sídliska pod lampou na detskom ihrisku pri materskej škôlke - MALÝ BRADAČ
02/ 16187
linka proti krutosti